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About TAP

TAP is more than just Randy and his production history.

TAP is centered around an ideal of integrity, quality production, and the belief that honest fulfilling relationships lead to better business. We can’t achieve anything alone, we need to surround ourselves with the people we love and respect, personally and professionally.

Let me introduce you to the people who inspire, support and help me deliver the attributes that define what TAP Productions is to me. Click the buttons and learn! 


Execution is Communicating

It’s vital in today’s business environment to continue promoting and communicating through all available channels. TAP utilizes the latest creative concepts and technologically to use its best ideas to communicate yours. Multi-tasking is the key to todays outreach. TAP delivers multiple outputs for every show. Satellite, web based, CCTV, iMag, and record feeds are the norm. They each have specific needs and those needs are met and delivered by TAP. Here are a few of the clients and examples of corporate events, directed and managed by TAP.

Execution is Entertaining

Creative delivery and clean execution is key to broadcast entertainment and value. TAP delivers, flawlessly, to audiences in broadcast studios and music venues and on locations worldwide. Here are some of the clients and a few examples of Broadcast and entertainment programs directed by TAP.


The Oprah Winfrey Show – The Today Show (NBC) – ESPN – USA Network – CBS News Election Night- ABC News – The Big Ten Network – ComCast Sports Awards Show –  MTV Concerts – MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour – The Chicago Christmas Parade – The Democratic National Convention – MTV News – MOM USA Pageant (Syndication) The Lance Burton Magic Special (Syndication) – The Career Television Network (CNBC) – American Medical Television (CNBC)

Corporate Client Examples

Apple Computers, Mercedes, Freightliner Trucks, Novo Nordisk, Dell Computers, Baxter Healthcare, DXC, United Healthcare, McDonald’s, Federal Express, IHG/Holiday Inn, The Upjohn Company, Accenture, CitiCorp, Southwestern Bell, Novo Nordisk. Toyota Motor Sales USA, General Motors, GTE Directories Corp., Tennecco, KPMG, Kidder Peabody, J.I. Case Int., Leo Burnett Advertising, George P. Johnson, VW North America, Siemans Corp., Nintendo, IBM, Kraft Foods.

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